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The SPEIGHT FAMILY of RUGBY - PHOTOGRAPHERS  - Background and Research

STOP PRESS - Recent research findings

Clare Speight - Hinckley

For a period in 1901, Clare Speight became '... more dissatisfied with Nuneaton than ever ...'.  He looked for a business elsewhere.  One possible location was in Hinckley, and he had Mounts printed in anticipation of a move.  Two Hinckley CDVs have been known for some time, but recently a Cabinet mount has appeared on EBay and been purchased for the Speight Archive.


Clare Speight Hinckley CDVs
These two CDVs were exchanged for an early amberotype with a collector from Australia who visited UK.  They were the first evidence that Clare Speight was seriously contemplating a move from Nuneaton - although he had written of doing so.
Speight Hinkley - cabinet mount
This is the only known example of a Cabinet mount prepared for Claire Speight's move from Nuneaton to Hinckley was found on EBay in August 2017.  The mount has a plain back - as do the CDVs.  It seems he used up some of these mounts, as he had not moved, several years later.  This example had a handwritten inscription on the reverse 'To Mr & Mrs Mendry with E Blakesley's kind love and best wishes, Xmas 1896'Sender and recipient have yet to be identified.






















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img275 E H Speight

JohnFrearsonWebSite/Edward Hall Speight - photographer.gif
Edward Hall Speight, headmaster turned photographer, worked in Rugby from the early 1870s.  His subjects ranged from town scenes to family groups, from the workhouse poor to local worthies, including the Brooke family and their son who was the famous Poet, Rupert Brooke.  Edward Hall Speight had eight children: his six sons and elder daughter all became photographers, as did one of his grand-daughters.  The sons were sent out “with five pounds, a bible and a tin trunk” and set up studios in Market Harborough, Exmouth, Nuneaton, Kettering, Leamington Spa, Redditch and Sutton Coldfield. 

To find out more about the family please follow the links.

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Research has been carried out on the family and photographic businesses of the Speight family of Rugby and later elsewhere.  The Speight Photographers Research Project has identified a number of individuals, either in photographs taken by the Speight family, or from entries in James Speight's diaries and autograph book and elsewhere.

Various Speight archives have been obtained and are being prepared for deposit at the Warwickshire County Record Office.

To assist Family History Researchers, this List of Names is detailed on a separate page.

Click here for Rugby and other Names in the Speight Archive

Thanks to the generous assistance of the Speight family and members of the public, in Rugby, around the UK and as far away as the USA and Australia, and the cooperation of museums, galleries, libraries, archives and record offices, the story of the lives and work of the members of this talented family can now be told.

A Research Report and Booklet have now been published.

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Lectures are also available on the "Speight Family of Photographers".  This can be a general talk or can focus on the work of the individual photographers and their work in Rugby, Market Harborough, Nuneaton, Kettering or Sutton Coldfield.

The author, John Frearson, is a researcher and family historian, living in Rugby, who came upon some photographs by Gulliver Speight, found that he was born in Rugby, and had to know more!  A Research Report and a Booklet have been published by John Frearson Publications.

Further details can be obtained from:- John Frearson -