Rugby Morris Men


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Rugby Morris Men - The Archive


Rugby Morris Men were formed in 1946 and seem to have ceased most activity by mid 1955, although a later date of 1957 has been suggested. 

The history of the Rugby Morris Men has been gathered from several sources. 

Pat Robbins - Rugby Morris Men Rugby Morris Men about 1948 Rugby Morris Men - Jim Marsden
Pat Robbins - Musician -
Rugby Morris Men

Rugby Morris Men in about 1947 or 1948.  [L to R: Geoff Mendham; ?, Jeff Mason, Leslie Wray, ?Michael Parkes, ?].

Jim Marsden - Dancer & Musician - Rugby Morris Men and Squire, Cardiff Morris Men

The scrapbook of the late Jim Marsden [formerly of Rugby Morris Men and then founder member and Squire of the first Cardiff Morris Men].  In retirement, he lived in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire.  The scrapbook came into the BMM Archive's care on his death.  A copy with commentary is available as BMM Archive Report No. 4.

Geoff Mendham, then a “senior” member of the Jockey Morris Men of Birmingham, but who had been a founder member of Rugby Morris Men, provided recollections of the early days of the Rugby Men, together with some additional photographs.

The Logbook of the Rugby Morris Men, donated to the Morris Ring by Pat Robbins, a former member of and musician for the Side, who had preserved it and various other items.  He generously provided these for research, recording and safe-keeping  They are held for the present by BMM.  A summary "Record of Activities" has been created.   It includes a list of dancing and other events from 1946 when the Side was formed to 1955 by which time the Side was no longer active. This is available as BMM Archive Report No. 3.

Mrs. Robbins provided additional photographs, recollections and items of Rugby Morris kit.

Further information and cuttings were obtained from the Scrapbooks of Gordon Ridgewell [formerly of Standon Morris Men].

A Booklet on the History of Rugby Morris Men has been published, based on these documents and other archive material.  It was launched to accompany the art exhibition by Faye Claridge at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum with a Morris Dance theme, together with a small museum exhibit, and also a supporting lecture on the Rugby Morris Men on 26 January 2011. 

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