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Miscellaneous Names Index

Where possible, all names and details have been abstracted from the documents so they can be available for search by Family Historians and other researchers. 

A more detailed spread-sheet with the details of these Deeds is available - The original Deeds are now at the Lancashire Records Office.

The list below is from an initial data base of miscellaneous names - it is being added to as time allows and as records are processed.

Further details can be obtained from:- John Frearson - 

Thomas AINSWORTH the elder [gent - died 9/1/1846]; also Thomas the younger; -- Thomas Ainsworth [Attorney c1810] -- William Ainsworth; -- [died 4/1/1848];  Lawrence Ainsworth [yeoman][c1791] - and widow Alice Ainsworth [pre c1825];
William ASHBURN [attorney's clerk]
George ASPDEN [Steward of Blackburn Conservative Club][c1879]
John ASPINAL [Warehouseman][c1815]; John Aspinall; --- John Craven Aspinall; Anne Aspinall [c1832] ---
Mrs Dorothy ATKINSON [widow].
Miss Elizabeth Grace BACKHOUSE [of Rushton Crescent, Bournemouth, spinster]; Annie Backhouse [spinster]; Mrs Isabella Bury [of 42 Brown st, widow]  [quoting Richard Backhouse d. 8/1/1855 - his daughter Mary Elizabeth Backhouse decd d. 25/2/1914 at Yorke Cliffe, Bournemouth - sons Thomas James Backhouse - of Langho - decd d. 11/2/1894 & Henry Backhouse decd d. 9/2/1894 at 24 Wellington St , and Thomas Lee Backhouse [linen draper] execs - also daughter Emma Backhouse decd. d. 2/12/1908 of Ooctacamund, St Peters Rd, Bournemouth. Also re Henry Backhouse decd; [Elizabeth Anne Backhouse d. 8/7/1900 at Bournemouth][Mary Jane Backhouse of 16 Taunton rd - widow - d. 6/5/1919] [NB very complex and needs checking!!!]
Abraham BAKER [of Manchester, filer?].
Russell BANCROFT [director, BS Investments, Wellfield Mill, Whalley Old Road]
Thomas BEARDSWORTH [Attorney][c1792];
Hugh BECCONSALL [gent][c1828];
James BELL [attorney][c1844]
Beatrice BERRY;
William BIRCH [victualler - late a soldier - nephew and heir of William Birch - gent - deceased]; ---- Betty Birch [spinster] probate 1832] her nephew
William Birch [painter][c1832]; --- John Birch [weaver][c1819]
Fred BILSBOROUGH [of 21/23 Brown St];
James BIRTWELL [c1880][decd][wholesale grocer] Late of Greenhill, Buncer Lane, d. 26/11/1936]; execs Frank Birtwell [decd d. 22/1/1938];
Elelyn Birtwell [decd. D. 3/5/1958]; Gladys BIRTWELL [of 29 Buncer Lane, Spinster];
Richard BLACKBURN [house agent][c1877];
Richard BLAKE [house in Whitton];
Thomas BLUNDELL [Bricklayer [c1792]; later Innkeeper [c1810]]; Thomas Blundell [victualler]; John BLUNDELL [now of Wutton - gent][c1820];
Sarah BOARDMAN [widow]; Margaret Boardman [spinster][c1828]
Isabella BOWEN [of 156 stanley St, Atherton];
William BOYS [carrier][c1828];
George BRADLEY; --- Thomas BRADLEY [Chemist - c1880]
Joseph BRAMWELL [pre c1875].
Cable BRENNARD [ of Prestwick, Nr Manchester - Calico Printer - c1877]; James BRENNARD
BREWER - see Hayhurst.
John BROOKS [of ? Wilpshire nr Blackburn, gent, c1876]; --- John Brooks [solicitors Clerk][c1876] ---- Richard Brooks [of 118 Griffon St, ret grocer];
James BROWN d. 29/1/1898 [trustees - his daughter Elizabeth Stubbs d. 15/12/1918] ; James Brown [?Dressmaker][c1892]; -- James Brown [gent][c1879] --- John Brown [Carpenter]; James Brown [Lessee of Market Tolls][c1873]
Thomas BULLEN;
William BURCH [gentleman][c1812];
M & E BURDEKIN [c1941]
Alice BURY [of 42 Brown st - spinster]; Isabella Bury [late of 42 brown st - d. 28/8/1933]
Thomas BUTLER;
Joseph Bernard BYRNE [of 22 Poole St, Salesman]
CALVERT - see Grimshaw
Joseph CARLISLE [fruitier][c1844; c1851];
William CARR [attorney][c1789];
John CATLOW [of Eccles Mill - yeoman];
James Patrick CHAMBERS [of Southall, Middx, gent - c1960]
Anthoney CHARNLEY;
John CLARKE [of Little Harwood, farmer][c1876]
John CLOUGH [c1832]
Edward Stephen COMBERBACH [jeweller][c1876]
John COOK [of 40 Brown st, engineer];
Henry COPELAND [grocer][c1828]
George CRAWSHAW [of Edgeworth, Bolton, Blockprinter];
William CRONSHAW [of Livesey, gent - d. 14/12/1890 - in will wife Alice Cronshaw. Alice Cronshaw married William Dean - colourmixer on 22/2/1894 at
Accrington] - also see Dean.
Nicholas CROOKE [Warehouseman][c1818]
Alice DEAN [wife of William Dean of Accrington, colour mixer m. 22/2/1894 - was Alice Cronshaw];
Hugh DAWSON [gent][c1828];
Edward Francis DENNIS [of 9 Railway st, Nelson, confectioner]; William Henry Denis [of 51, Castle S, Nelson, retired warp dresser ];
William Wolstenhome DERBYSHIRE [of Chorley - Deputy Borough treasurer];
William DEWHURST [Ironmonger][c1834]
James DICKINSON [Printer];
Thomas DUGDALE [surgeon]; John Dugdale [of Irwell - calico printer]; Thomas DUGDALE ygr - of Hill House, nr Blackburn cotton spinner d. 19/2/1874;
John EDDLESTON [of Mellor - yeoman]; --- James Eddleston [c1819] --- Richard Eddleston [Attorney c1825]
Thomas ECCLES [of Lower Darwin - cotton printer / spinner][c1789]
John EGLAM [c1820]
Alice Annie ELLAM [of 80 Peronne Crescent, spinster]; Joseph Starkie Heywood [widower, of 24 Brown St, retired Tramway Car Driver];
married Alice Annie Ellam [spinster of 24 Brown St, Snack Bar Attendant]
Thomas ERLES - cotton spinner;
Henry FEATHERSTONEHAUGH - Butcher [c1876];
Hilda FLEMING of 36 John [wife of Neil Fleming];
Rev Wm. FISHER [of York, clerk][c1853];
William FISHWICK [of Heapey, crofter, married to his present wife Alice on 7/9/1835]; Betty Fishwick see Howorth.
John FORBES [Hosier - 1919]
Thomas FOREST [of Clayton le Dale, farmer][c1789]
John GALLAGHER [Taylor & Draper][c1877; c1881]
Mary GILL; - see Howarth
Peter GREENOUGH [aka Peter Green, Bird dealer]
Maria Elizabeth GRIFFITHS;
James GRIMSHAW [Enfield, Clayton le Moors, Lancs - railway guard - now of "Egerton Arms" Salford - Innkeeper; mentioning Dorothy Grimshaw, his mother who d. 23/10/1875][c1876, c1878] --- John Calvert [Enfield, Innkeeper]; Ann Calvert [his wife formerly Ann Grimshaw, spinster]; Richard Grimshaw [of Enfield, Power Loom weaver - 1876] ; --- Richard Grimshaw [cordwainer][c1788]; --- William Denham Grimshaw [calico printer]; John Grimshaw [cloth agent][c1873]
Bartholomew GUEST [farmer]; John Guest [labourer][c1825]; --- John Guest [of Nottingham - grocer c1844];
John HACKING; William Hacking;
Thomas HART; Rev Robert Slater HART [of Colton, clerk, c1876];
Thomas HAYHURST [of Wiswell, Weaver - eldest son and heir of William Hayhurst, of Wiswell, Innkeeper - [wife Peggy] - who was eldest brother of Richard Hayhurst, labourer]; Nanny Hayhurst; Annis Hayhurst; The children of William Hayhurst - viz: Betty Hargreaves*; Millison Hayhurst* [of Wiswell, spinster]; John Hayhurst* [of Wiswell, weaver]; Mary Brewer* [her husband John Brewer [farmer]]; --- Elizabeth Hayhurst [c1821]. [All in Deed c 1815]
Henry HARGREAVES [bookseller]; James Hargreaves [stone mason][c1788], John Hargreaves [cotton manufacturer][c1810] [died 21/12/1873]; Roger Hargreaves [weaver]; Also - see Hayhurst.
George HARRISON [of Bamber Bridge in Walton le Dale]; Mary Harrison [spinster]; --- Thomas Harrison [of Kirby Moorside, York, Surgeon][c1792]
John HEATLEY [of 50 John St also of Cherry Tree, nr Blackburn and Martha Elizabeth Heatley his wife];
Joseph Starkie HEYWOOD [widower, of 24 Brown St, retired Tramway Car Driver]; married Alice Annie Ellam [spinster of 24 Brown St, Snack Bar Attendant]
Ida HOLMES [owner of rentcharge][of 116 Quebec Rd, Lammack, Blackburn]
John HOLT [of Whitton - son James Holt - grandchildren Henry Holt and Mary Holt, children of late son John Holt. His daughter Alice wife of Cornelius Cheetham executor with son James]; Thomas HOLT [of Chorley, gent];
William HOPPER [c1834]
James HOWARD [c1791]
Robert HOWORTH or HOWARTH? [confectioner - of Bank court, York, Gent]; Betty Howorth [his wife, formerly Betty Fishwick, of Fishwick, widow]; Percy Howarth; Betty HOWORTH [decd d. 7/9/1843] [of Heapey, Leyland, widow]; grandson William Fishwick, son of son Thomas Fishwick, crofter, late son John; also daughter Mary Gill;
Richard Hewart HOYLE d. 14/1/1893]
George ILLINGWORTH [c1832]; --- Robert Illingworth d. 27/4/1897]
Nancy INGRAM [spinster][c1820]
William IRVING - physician d. 7/4/1892 - son James John Lancaster Irving - c1908]
Elizabeth ISHERWOOD [wife of Samuel Rawlinson Isherwood of Clayton-le-Dale - motor engineer - c1942]
Henry JACKSON [of Clayton le Dale Agricultural Engineer - c1920]
Alexander JENKIN, pattern maker,
John JENNINGS [Foreman joiner]; transferred to John Jennings
Anne JEPSON [spinster - died on 18/1/1843];
Leonard Cresswell KING-WILKINSON [Solicitor - c1948]]
Ralph LATUS [Attorney];
Richard LEEMING [of Rebechester, shuttlemaker][c1880]
Thomas LEWIS [cotton spinner and manufacturer][c1873];
William LONSDALE, accountant.
Daniel MASON [of 10 Broomfieldplace - Railway clerk]
John MARGERISON [grocer then gent][c1851;c1873];
Thomas MARSH [yeoman - and Mary his wife][c1815];
Mary Alice MELLOR [of 38 Brown st - wife of John Mellor, porter];
Edmund MERCER [cotton manufacturer]; Hannah Mercer; Mr & Mrs Henry MERCER;
Richard METCALF [pre c1820];
Dobrivoje MILEKIC [of 15 Regent St, Cotton Operative - c1961]
Eli Pickup MYERSCOUGH [of 44Northgate] - principal Thomas Sharples & Son, Auctioneers/Valuers
James NEVILLE [gentleman][c1810];
George Handel OPENSHAW [Chemist][c1880];
Thomas Ashwell PARRY [of Staplefore, Notts - c1948];
James PILKINGTON [cotton merchant][c1828];
Hernry PLATT [of Hampstead, nr London, Druggist -c1877]
Rev John PRICE [Clerk][c1825];
Proctor RATCLIFFE; --- Thomas Ratcliffe [attorney][c1796; c1851];
James RIDING ? [of ?Samlesbury - farmer][c1815];
George RILEY [Enfiled, Grocer][c1876]; --- Henry Riley [house in Whitton]; --- Ezra Riley [of Manchester, Sawyer c1819]
Abraham Thompson ROBINSON [of 10 Regent St - Wholesale confectioner]
James RODGETT [cotton manufacturer][c1810]
Thomas ROSCOW [Yeoman][c1793];
ROWLANDSON - see Sturdy
Robert SAGAR [of Simonstoun, yeoman] --- William Sagar [of Simonstown, yeoman][c1796];
William SALISBURY [sizer of Cotton Twist][c1834];
Charles Augustus SANDERSON [solicitor - c1908];
Herbert SCHOLES [grocer]; John Charles Scholes [Wholesale Grocer]; Herbert Scholes [of 34 Brown st; and 321 Bolton Rd, - grocer][c1920] ---
 Henry Scholes [ [of 7 Sunyhurst Lane, Darwen, ret commercial travellor]; Henry Scholes [house in Whitton]
James SHARPLES [of "Cresta", Clayton le Dale - cabinet maker - Will dated 7/6/1901 of James Sharples d. 23/1/1903]; [and late father James Sharples d. 23/1/1903] - and Thomas Sharples; James Sharples and Elizabeth Sharples [of Clayton le Dale - Spinster]. --- James Sherples [of Blackburn, cabinet maker - c1877]; ---- William Sharples [of Shire Brow, Blackburn, joiner and gent]; his sons John Sharples and Thomas Sharples [c1834] --- William Sharples [formerly shop keeper now coal dealer][c1868]; -- John Sharples [joiner][c1853]; -- John Sharples [cotton manufacturer - c1810]
David SHEFFIELD [of Oakenshaw, block cutter][c1819]
James Wilkinson SHEPHERD [ formerly of Appleby, now Penrith, Cumberland - gent - 1908]; --- James Parkinson SHEPHERD [c1908];
James SIMPSON [calico printer][c1828];
Thomas SLATER [print cutter][pre c 1820];
Catherine SMALLEY [died 11/2/1841]; Ellen Haydock [neice of testatrix - died 17/5/1866]; Richard Smalley [c1789];
Rev. Walmsley STANLEY [c1948]
John STARLING and William Starling - stone masons;
Edward STEVENSON [pre c1875]
James Bradley STONES [grocer][c1873];
Clara Ellen STURDY [Spinster]; Blanche Stewardson Sturdy Rowlandson [ Appleby, Westmoreland - spinster - b. 11/12/1886];  James Barlow Stewardson Sturdy [ late cotton spinner d. 8/2/1867 - his wife Ellen d. 4/4/1880; daughters: Annie Maria; Clara Ellen; Dora; Sarah Ann Mallett [nee Sturdy - of Clifton, Westmoreland d. 9/6/1884 with three nieces - Annie Maria Sturdy [later Rowlandson m. Peter R 2/6/1885 - she d. 6/3/1896; he d. 17/6/1898 leaving to his sister Jane Rowlandson]; Clara Ellen Sturdy and Nora Sturdy [d. 5/5/1899; James Sturdy.
Henry SUDELL [merchant & his late uncle John Sudell][c1788]
John TAYLOR [of Whalley, weaver][c1819];
Joseph TELFORD [of Manchester, chemist & druggist];
Samuel TODD [gent][c1879]
Priscilla E TOLLPUTT [of Camberley, childrens' nurse - c1961]
William TOUNLEY [merchant][c1828];
Ann TOWERS [widow c1844];
Catherine WAKEFIELD [c1832];
Elizabeth WALKDEN [c1875]
Ann WALMSLEY [widow]; --- Edward Walmsley [c1834];
Mrs Margaret WALSH [of Lytham st Annes - widow]; Jeffery Walsh deceased d. 13/5/1945
James WARD [Mellor, yeoman c1810 - executor of John Ward, late of Mellor];
Maud Eveline WEALL [wife of John Burton Weall - auctioneer and valuer]; Richard WARD [of 14 Regent st, draper];
Edward WEBSTER [of 185 Pleckgate Rd, gent];
John WELLS [provision merchant]; William Wells - senior [of Dinkley, farmer][c1875]; William Wells [d. 21/11/1880];
William WHALLEY [of 36 Brown st, shoemaker];
James WHITEHEAD [now of Carrington, Chester - yeoman was grocer c1825; c1844];
Henry WHITTAKER [Superintendant Registar - c1880]
Elizabeth Evelyn WIDDOP [of 22 Ward St, widow]; Joseph Robert Widdop;
Alice Elizabeth Harriet WILDE [of Blossomfield, Claremont Crescent, Weston super Mare, widow - formerly of Bonnington, Sandford Rd, Mosely - d. 28/12/1943; Harold Burgess Thomas Wilde [of Broadoaks Cottage, Warwick, Solihull - accountant - son and sole exec]; daughter Mary Wilde; daughter in law Kate Wilde;
Arthur WILLIAMS [of Stafford, auctioneer & estate agent - c1948]
Anne Seddon WILKINSON d. of Thomas Wilkinson of Clayton St, breadbaker; --- Leonard WILKINSON [Attorney][c1832]; -
-- Leonard Cresswell KING-WILKINSON [Solicitor - c1948]] --- William Wilkinson [Gent c1876]
Rt Hon Robert Guy Eardley YERBURGH Baron Alvington of Woodfold [of Camberley - c1961]