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 Publication Order Form

To obtain further information or to order copies, contact:

John Frearson Publications, 7 Curie Close, RUGBY  CV21 3PE, UK  

Tel:  07976 577723      Email:

To order please copy and paste this form, insert details, and send, with payment, to the above address. 

By post - cheques should be made out to   John P H Frearson  .                        

Or order by Email and pay by PayPal to the above Email address.

Overseas [non-UK] buyers should contact the above to check on additional post and any exchange charges.




 Please send:                          copies of the Speight A4 Research Report                         UK pounds  40.00        [for PayPal please add 2.00 UK pounds]       

And:                                        copies of the John Frearson A5 Booklet                             UK pounds    6.50    

And:                                        copies of the Speight A5 Booklet                                         UK pounds    6.00                      

 And:                                       copies of the Early Photographers A5 Booklet                  UK pounds    6.50  

And:                                        copies of the Rugby Morris A5 Booklet                              UK pounds    5.00            

And:                                        copies of the Pinfold/Rugby Brickmakers A5 Booklet       UK pounds    8.00                        

And:                                        copies of the Rugby Coal Merchants A5 Booklet              UK pounds    8.00                    

And:                                        copies of the Green Room Plaque A5 Booklet                     UK pounds    7.00       

And:                                        copies of the Tayler Family A4 Booklet                               UK pounds   17.50      [for PayPal please add 1.00 UK pounds]  

And:                                        copies of the Loake Family A4 Booklet                                UK pounds   16.00       [for PayPal please add 1.00 UK pounds]  

And:                                        copies of the Kaye's Lime and Cement A5 Booklet            UK pounds    9.00       

And:                                        copies of the Nelson's Lime and Cement A5 Booklet         UK pounds    9.00       

   Additional post and exchange charges for non-UK buyers                                            UK pounds                                                        

[If paying by PayPal please add 50 pence for orders under UK 10 pounds, and UK one pound for orders from UK 10 pounds to UK30 pounds to cover commission charges].    


                                                                                                                                TOTAL PAYMENT - UK pounds